Submitted by Jerry.Holt on Fri, 04/19/2019 - 15:26

Come out on Thursdays for Bingo!

The canteen is open for beer, wine, and setups.

The auxiliary kitchen is serving water, soft drinks and food prepped in our kitchen.

If you have a birthday in the current month ask for $20 coupon to use for bingo from the cashier or a floor worker.

The cashier opens for sales at 5:15pm.

Early Bird warm-ups start at 6pm.

Regular Bingo starts at 7pm.

There are 7 warm up games:

  • Black sheet 1-3: $3
  • Aqua Sheet 1-3: $3
  • Orange Double Action: $2

And, 10 Regular games:

  • Games 1-7:

     12-0n-7: $20

     6-0n-7: $15

     3-on-7: #7

  • 3, 4 second, Speed Balls:

     Red: $1

     Green: $1

     Gray: $1